Monday, 27 July 2015

My Clo Clo London Bracelet

I have recently become obsessed with all things jewellery related,  I have always loved it but never till recently owned a lot. I came across a lovely company called Clo Clo London which are based in London obviously! I had the chance to pick an item and wanted to choose something super pretty plus an item I would get lots of use out of.

I picked a beautiful bracelet called Madeleine* that sells for £10.99 on Clo Clo Londons website. They have so many amazing items and also do a pretty necklace that would go lovely with this item. The Madeleine bracelet has a stunning bronze gold background colour with gleaming lovely white gem stones. 

It's a really decent weight which helps it feel so much more expensive than it is, and when on the wrist looks even better. I'm hoping to wear this to a very special occasion I have this weekend, I now wish that I had ordered the lovely necklace to go with it to come in time. 

As you can this piece is stunning, I'm so pleased with it. Do check out Clo Clo London and let me know what your favourite items are. I also love the cute anchor ring in gold which is a bargain at £1.99.

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Saturday, 25 July 2015

One Brand: Vitage Colour Minerals

Vitage Colour Minerals makeup range is truly something special, each product is made using only natural occurring minerals. They were made to complement their amazing Vitage Advanced Antioxidant skincare range, which is a high performance antioxidant range created by skin professionals in the UK. They have used 13 years of clinical skincare experience to create amazing products with a complete solution for professional results. I have been researching the skincare range and would love to try the Vitamin C serum and mask, they sound perfect.

I have been trying out the colour minerals range* from Vitage and I have to say I'm impressed. Each product being packed with natural minerals creates gorgeous makeup look with no nasty chemicals or worries for the skin. They are all stocked on Cosmestore which I will link at the bottom for you to check the amazing range out for yourself.  This range has a real luxury feel on the skin, especially the amazing Vitage Natural Daily Perfector which is a tinted mineral mousse.

I found this product to be super silky smooth and really sunk into my skin, it helps to refine skin and smooth out pores. This definitely left my skin feeling amazing and looking super fresh. It's a multi tasking product which can be used perfectly as a primer as it really creates an amazing smooth base for any makeup to be applied over the top, or as a foundation depending on what coverage you like. Personally I wouldn't wear it alone as a foundation because it doesn't give a massive amount of coverage but it really gives you that natural sheer glow to the skin, so perfect for making you feel better about your own skin on around house days or on the school run. I could really feel it hydrating my skin with it 100% natural ingredients which are all aimed to anti oxidise and act as an anti inflammatory on the skin. The ingredients Brazilian Green Tee, Golden Seaweed extracts, Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil are what really make the skin feel special, hydrated and fresh. Vitage Natural Daily Perfector is £25.  

I used the Vitage High Defination brush to apply the Daily Perfector and found the soft taklon fibre bristles perfect for blending the mousse easily into my skin. I also used this brush for my contour and highlight as its shaped perfect to define each part of the face. The long handle made it super easy to control and create an airbrushed finish from the products. The HD brush is £21.00.

One of my favourite products is the Natural Skin Glow which is pure heaven in a pot! It's a lightweight 100% pure mineral powder that can be used as a highlighter or for an all over glow, I also used it as an inner eye highlight which really made my eyes pop. It contains three key ingredients which help in creating the perfect light reflecting product, it contains Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides and Mica. The Skin Glow is a universal shade for all named Vitality and will enhance anybody's natural beauty. The Skin Glow is £18. 

To add a pop of colour is the fabulous and versatile Lip and Cheek colour in Love Poppy. Wow, this is incredibly pigmented as you can see. You only need the tiniest amount of this, a little really goes a long long way. The colour is perfect, a lovely coral and looks just amazing with tapping a small amount on the lips with your fingertips but can be built up extremely easily to create a full opaque vibrant colour. It contains the most fabulous ingredients with Olive Oil for moisturising, Jojoba Oil to add shine and fullness, Canelilla Wax to hydrate + protect and Beeswax which is one of my favourite ingredients for moisturising and helping that product sink in. The 'Cheeky Tints' are £16 and comes in three other amazing colours also.

The Natural Lip Lustre in hint of pink creates a very subtle sheer colour and shine to the lips. They aren't as vibrant as they appear in the tube but are perfect for when you don't want to think too much about what your putting on your lips but want a little something to help give nourishment and shine. It's a non sticky formula that requires a few coats to build up the product on the lips. It contains nourishing and smoothing active ingredients to condition the lips while adding that small hint of colour. The Natural Lip Lustre is £14. 

The very first thing I noticed about the Colour Minerals Cashmere Lash Masacara was it had something that no other mascara I have ever tried yet had! Such a cool unique feature with a clear panel along the side so you can actually see the product inside. Small thing but I love it! This mascara has the most nourishing ingredients for the lashes possible with Argan Oil (my fav), Aloe Vera and Avocado Oil! WowZa, amazing for conditioning each lash and has the most incredible brush for lengthening, thickening and defining. As with its name the Cashmere Lash Mascara it is rich in natural silk and cashmere fibres to build and boost the eyelashes. The Cashmere Lash Mascara is £14.

Truly impressive, unique range adding so many amazing minerals to add skin benefits to your makeup. Coming from such an experienced skincare brand you couldn't expect anything less. Both ranges are available at Cosmestore so go check them out and let me know your thoughts. It's such a fantastic range for anyone who is concerned about all the other products on the markets long list of ingredients and also people with sensitive skin as they are packed with the most natural minerals around.

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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

My Little ROAD TRIP Box

Always an exciting time of the month when My Little Box arrives! Mine was slightly later than other subscribers this month so I had to be extra careful on social media not to ruin the surprise. Another absolutely cute an adorable box, always quirky and different. This months theme was Road Trip!

My Little Box never fail with box design and quality each month, lovely themes and a truly exciting box. With only one disappointment this month, that colour orange has slipped it's way in my life again! One colour I really have a problem with is for some reason orange, and boxes always seem to select the orange option for me when a selection comes along. Really wish there was a favourite colour and least favourite colour preference questions in all these boxes! Hint hint subscription boxes!

So as I have started I may as well finish, the orange item as you can see was the fabulous brand of Essie. I absolutely love the Essie brand so was completely gutted with the shade as its 100% not for me at all. Mine arrived in the shade Braziliant, do your receive My Little Box, what did you get? I would normally swatch a nail polish or wear it for my blogpost but with this one I'm not going to open it at all and will save it as new for a giveaway or something. Essie polishes retail at £7.99. 

An extremely useful product in my box and an item I had literally just finished days before was the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. Super cute mini size of 125ml, perfect for travel or sitting pretty on any dressing table. This size RRP is £1.99 but at the moment in Boots it's only £1, which is fab.

The months My Little Beauty item was a Summer Sorbet - After Sun Body Gelee RRP £9. I'm not 100% sold on the scent, can't say it's smells of much to be honest with you. But it's lovely and cooling on the skin, perfect for when your skin has that hot clammy feeling to soften, calm and cool the body. Great packaging like a little beach hut design and perfectly large size of 100ml. 

The last beauty item in my cute pink bag was the DCER golden temporary tattoos RRP £3.50. I love these flash tattoos and have received them in many beauty boxes the last couple of months, so now have a great stock of them.

All these items have been well thought out to go with the theme, but just how adorable is the little BIC ready to send notebook and pen. Obviously the pen is rather ordinary but useful, the little notepad is a lovely addition. The tiny notepad can be filled with holiday feelings, thoughts, scribbly pics or anything and then folded into the cute envelope and popped anywhere in the world, or back home if you want to They can be purchased on (not available to UK yet) for £3.50. The Cristal stylus BIC pens are £1 for a pack of four.

I adore the printed artwork when they come in My Little Box, always an uplifting happy slogan, quote or saying. This months - LIFE is like a ROAD TRIP: enjoy each day, and don't carry too much baggage.

I was intrigued by what was inside my Never Stop Exploring box, again attention to detail is tremendous. And then....o my gosh! A smell I love, the lilo holiday smell. It's a travel organiser, how ace is that! Also available on at £10.50. 

Another lovely box from My Little Box, great theme and always one that I'm most excited to receive. I love this box, what are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below. You can sign up for My Little Box here! (In UK)

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