Sunday, 21 June 2015

My new favourite: Lip Smacker

If you already follow my Instagram you may have seen my new favourite collection, lip balms by Lip Smacker*. When these arrived on my doorstep during the week I was super excited to see such a cute adorable range with amazing packaging. I instantly knew how ace these would look added to my already extensive lip balm draw, will add pics at the end so you can see my obsession!

First up, just how exciting is it to have some of the best lollies flavours in lip balm form, Lip Smacker have this amazing Walls lip balm collection with classic mouth watering ice cream flavours. The colour inside matches the creative packaging, but the smell of each one is unique to that flavour also.

Lip Smackers lip balms are super addictive and collectable, they come in over 800 incredible flavours such as Cotton Candy, Bubblegum, Red Velvet, Coconut and kiwi just to name a few. They do incredibly exciting sets like Disney Princess and Frozen, Chupa Chups and so many more. They totally bring out the big kid in me, which lets face it isn't hard but I love them.

My favourite Walls ice cream flavour has to be Twister, but all these lip balms smell amazing and are great on the lips. Lip Smacker are super conditioning for the lips as they are made from Beeswax, Castor and Sesame oil, these combined have completely transformed my lips keeping them softer than ever. A complete game changer in my opinion, curing my dry, chapped lips and helping my lipstick application and longevity as I love a matte lipstick.

Lip Smacker started in 1973 with the first ever flavoured lip balms, and have been going strong ever since with the idea in mind that the exciting flavours would make moisturising lips so much more fun and desirable. They are a USA based company but can be found here in the UK in shops such as Topshop, Claire's Accessories and Amazon. Prices from £2.50

Other amazing flavours are the ones from the Coca Cola company.

Just how ace are these, my favourite scent out of all the lip balms here is the Coca Cola Cherry flavour! Smells just delicious! I also have from the Coca Cola range the original Cola, Vanillla, Sprite and Fanta Orange. They do many others also as I have seen on their website and I want so many more flavours I have seen on there to add to my collection. I just love that they smell so amazing and are equally as good for my lips!

If you own any of the Lip Smacker lip balms I would love to hear which you have and your recommendations on other great scents they have. I'm intrigued to know what scents the Disney Princesses are in the collection, so if you have these please let me know. Which of the ones I have here do you think is the most fabulous? Do keep an eye on my Twitter and Instagram accounts as I have been doing surprise giveaways!

I love my IKEA Alex drawers to store my makeup and especially love my lip balm draw, I found the draw insert tray from TKmaxx (in the kitchen section) super helpful and just the right size for these.

As you can see I'm also a fan of the Maybelline Babylips but these Lip Smacker lip balms are by far more moisturising and have drastically improved my lip condition. I have a problem for sure and want so many more! Whats your favourite lip products?

Thanks for reading. Please do leave a comment, I love chatting with you. 
Karen x JinksyBeauty x

*PR sample


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