Thursday, 18 June 2015

My First Milani Cosmetics

As a UK beauty lover I get so frustrated when I see fabulous makeup brands that aren't available in the UK. I watch many Youtubers that are based in America and they are always sharing such amazing looking brands, it makes me so jealous! Milani cosmetics is one I have always wanted to try and only recently has become available in the UK from the wonderful website Beauty Crowd, they also have many more exciting brands that I can't wait to try. Go check them out!

I received an Amazon gift card and found you can order Milani Cosmetics through there, I must admit I was very wary from ordering makeup through Amazon as have heard many fakes coming from there. I did order my Milani Cosmetics through Amazon as I had the voucher but would really recommend going through Beauty Crowd if you are a UK customer. 

Products I have mostly wanted to try from Milani were the Baked Blushes and moisture matte lipsticks! The most popular shade in the Baked Blush Luminoso was unfortunatly double the price of all the rest of the baked blushes on Amazon, which I wasn't prepared to pay when you can get it off Beauty Crowd. I will be making a Beauty Crowd order sometime soon, let me know any other recommendations in the comments section at the bottom of the blogpost. The Baked blush off Amazon were £4.49 each, I purchased the shades Bellissimo Bronze and Delizioso Pink but I already want more shades!

Bellissimo Bronze

Bellissimo Bronze seen above in the left swatch, lipstick swatch on the right further with more pictures further down this blogpost. As you can see the Bellissimo Bronze contains a great deal of shimmer which I love but some people may not, it does have a slight orange tone to it but I love the pigmentation and glow it gives to the skin. I will show a picture lower down to show the products blended down as obviously you wouldn't wear them on the skin this way! 

Delizioso Pink

Such an amazing colour when applied on the cheeks! Definitely my favourite of the two for my pale skin tone, it gives me the perfect amount of colour with a fab glow. I received lots compliments when I wore this to work combined with the next product I will share with you which is the most Gorgeous product ever!

Illuminating Face Powder

Absolutely stunning design as you can see, this mixes all the different shades together to create a soft gently pink highlight or blush for the skin. I have been applying this after my blush on the tops of my cheek bones and I love it. This beauty cost £5.99.

Unfortunately Amazon didn't have any of the Matte lipsticks I wanted to try but I did want to try a lipstick to get a feel for what they were like. I picked Milani Colour Statement lipstick in Nude Cream. I googled swatches first before selecting but they didn't have all the same shades I was seeing through my google search. The shade I would love to try from the Matte range is Blissful a gorgeous muted matte pink.

Milani lipstick 

The lipsticks were only £3.69 which I didn't think was too bad at all, I'm not sure how this compares to what they are sold for in America on all these prices. Do let me know what sort of prices they sell for over there if you are aware or come from America! (So jealous if you are) Also would love to hear other shade suggestions you may have.

Swatches left to right, illumating face powder, baked blush Delizioso Pink, baked blush Bellissimo Bronze and colour statement lipstick Nude Cream. First picture shows first swatches and second with the face products blended down slightly from heavy swatches.

So really enjoying my very first Milani Cosmetics and can't wait to try more! If ever I was to visit America which is a dream of mine I would need rather a lot of spending money for my makeup addiction. Please do let me know your suggestions for Milani Cosmetics or anything else you think I would like.

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