Thursday, 11 June 2015

Latest in Beauty: Glamour Summer Edit box

Love Beauty Boxes? Well, this is a good one! Latest in Beauty have released another Glamour Beauty box edition, this one is for Summer! I received the Spring version obviously in Spring which was amazing and I found a holy grail new product in that box. Latest in Beauty are releasing many beauty boxes at the moment, you can head over to their site here to see more! Let me know in the comments at the end if you have received any recently and what your favourites are.

Crammed full with beauty must haves for Summer, this box is said to be worth £117.99 but we pay £17.99 as that's just how they roll at Latest in Beauty, giving us the bargains. I follow them on Facebook and loved the teasers each day when they were revealing each item. I was super excited when I spotted Pixi Glow Tonic was going to be in this box and said straight away I would be getting this one for that alone. Admittedly it's not very big in size but I will love trying it out and judging if it's going to suit me or not. Stay tuned to my social media to see how I get on.

Another exciting item is the Caudalie Divine Oil for face, body, hair or your bath if you want to. I have dropped abit of this on the back of my hand and it feel amazing, can't wait to try this on my face. The only problem with so many new items is I do like to try one new thing at a time, in case of a reaction I know what it is then. The L'Occitane shampoo and conditioner will also get tested on my fine frizzy hair but I do wish they smelt a little nicer, but hey as long as the make my hair extra special I will put up with the smell.

The Bourjois Color Boost lip crayon arrived in a shade I already have unfortunately but lucky enough I do really like the shade though it would have been nice to try an alternative colour. Typical though as I only own one of the Bourjois lip crayons that they send me the same shade! I will keep it as a spare or maybe include it in a Giveaway. I'm hoping as my Instagram is doing well to do another giveaway on there soon, so if you aren't already please follow me and #JinksyBeautyGiveaway in a comment so I know where you found me. The shade Peach on the Beach is super lovely for the summer months in a glorious coral shade. These lip crayons do last well on the lips and add moisture unlike a lot of lip crayons I have tried out.

I find the Vita Liberata Trystal minerals Bronzer rather intriguing, it's the first ever self tanning bronzer. It's to be dusted over the face as you would a bronzer, a tan will develop and said to last up to five days. It also comes with a super cute kabuki brush that will look lush on anyone's dressing table or beauty area. It's also said to be a hit with celebrities, but who? It doesn't say! 

I have received a few Balance Me products in my beauty box over the past few months and none have been that excitng, the face cleanser broke me out but I will get use out of this body polish I'm sure. An item I was excited to get was the Eucerin sun protection, I was disappointed that mine arrived being a tinted one as I hadn't seen anyone else receive this and it wasn't listed as a possibility in my picture. I was hoping to receive a mattifying face sun protection due to my oily skin, I would have loved to see how this would have helped aswell as giving me extra safety from the sun. Eucerin products are designed for people with sensitive skin and are great for sinking into the skin with that sticky feeling. This product is however too dark for me with having the tint in unfortunately, but maybe I can try and put something over the top of it. The picture below shows it rubbed all over into my hand so prob not the best to show the darkness compared to my normal tone.

I'm in love with flash tattoos and have received a few in beauty's boxes this month so it's a good job I like them I suppose. We received an exclusive for this box from Seekers of the Sun. They are super cute and got some really tiny ones that are different from any others I have already. Love the little stars the best! I applied some of these temporary tattoos today after I painted my nails with the next item I will share with you. So easy and quick to apply.

I love a nail polish so the Nails Inc Gel effect was a welcome product, I received the shade Kensington Passage which is a bright coral as you will see in my pictures below. Super thick formula which I love, great drying time which is a massive bonus.

That's all the items from in my box, not bad! Some great items, I'm super excited to try lots especially the Pixi Glow Tonic. What are your thoughts on this box? Did you get it? Let me know in the comments below.

Anyone who is waiting to see what I'm going to get in my My Little Box this month, I have received an email to say there is a delay this month and it will be with us at the end of the month due to production problems.

Thanks for reading. Speak soon. Karen x JinksyBeauty x


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