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BeautyBlogger: ProductTestingUK - MakeupRevolution

Do you love trying out products? Then you have to check out I have joined there Beauty Blogger team for Beauty Product Testing for review and they have very kindly sent out the Makeup Revolution contour blush palette* in shade Fair. Super exciting product and couldn't believe how much of a dupe it was for the Sleek palette, more pictures to show the comparison further down.

Here's me with my Beauty Blogger Product Testing poster to show its official (Please ignore my undone hair and the fact I'm in my daughters bedroom as was best for lighting!)

I'm already a massive fan of my Sleek palette and use it for everyday makeup, but now I'm totally converted to this cheaper alternative from Makeup Revolution. I will share with you the swatches so you can see for yourself exactly why it's a new favourite.

I love the product packaging, super compact in size and the product set up as with the sleek is perfectly useable. I use the product from left to right as most people would, applying my bronzer to highlight to blush.

The bronzer is matte and the perfect shade for me being fair but I believe any skin tone could get away with this, I don't believe the palette to be used by solely fair skin tones. With it being matte it's not only great for all over the face but perfect for contouring the face shape. It's smooth and not chalky when swatched or applied to the skin, and blends like a dream. I'm wearing all of the palette in the poster pose above.

Love love love the highlight, even though I have oily skin I do love to look glowing and bright. The highlight shade is the only shade I can see a slight difference between this and the sleek palette in swatches, but when applied on the face it's not noticeable. You can see this difference in pictures further down the blogpost.

The blush is an absolute dream, with a rose gold sheen over the top of an already perfect pink shade it's so magical. The same as the sleek palette blush but also a extremely good dupe for the Nars blush in shade Orgasm that's a massive favourite from beauty lovers. This gives such a radiant finish to the skin, so perfect and I will definitely be using this as my everyday from now on.

Now I will show you just how similar this fabulous MakeupRevolution palette is to my very well used Sleek palette. Perfect timing really as my Sleek palette was running very low and most definately hit pan bad as you can see.

The packaging are the same in size and shape. The Makeup Revolution has a see through front, whereas the Sleek does not and has matte packaging which gets grubby easy. Exact same layout design as seen. The swatches below show Sleek ontop and Makeup Revolution directly underneath. The Sleek highlight is slightly more white toned than the Makeup Revolution which is more golden toned but as I said on the face it isn't noticeable. 

The Makeup Revolution palette retails for £3.50 where as the Sleek face contour kit retails for £9.99. Massive difference in price for nearly exactly the same product. If you have tried either I would love to hear from you in the comments section below on your thoughts.

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*sample sent from product testing uk

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