Tuesday, 30 June 2015

June Empties

June has flown by and here are my empties from the month. Not all that exciting so I will keep the blogpost slightly shorter and hopefully sweet! We made a trip to Cath Kidson while on holiday and I loved the bag so much I made it my official empties bag.

First up hairsprays:
Schwarzkopf got2b glued hairspray - I'm a massive fan of the got2b range from Schwarzkopf, if you follow my Instagram or Twitter you will have seen my massively big haul I did the other day. This glued hairspray is super fab for my husband and sons hair, helps their hair stay in place. I find I only need to spray the tiniest bit to get the results they need! On myself I only use it when my style is complete just to hold everything in place, I tend not to spray over much or it can dry my hair out.
Loreal Elnett Cheryl style - This has got to be one of my favourite brands for hairsprays for myself. As like they advertise it can be brushed out easily, which is a major plus point for me. With naturally curly hair if I use a hair spray that makes my hair to hard it becomes extremely damaging on my hair to brush out. The Elnett range I have found to be the best to keep my hair in better condition. The only thing I'm not keen on with this is the smell!
Tresemme Perfectly undone - now this unfortunately didn't work for me personally. I'm someone who need helps from a styling product to assist shape, volume and calm my frizz or stray hairs. I found this to be like spraying air on my hair, it didn't achieve anything for me at all. Save your money on that one.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+ - super sweet little sample that I tried out. This size only allowed me to squeeze two uses out of this but I have heard great things from friends about it. It's paraben free which is a massive plus point, it's also non-comedogenic which means it won't blog pores. Helping to target any clogged pores, blemishes and marks on the skin. This range is said to be perfect for oily sensitive skin and I have been really enjoying using my Serozinc toner from La Roche Posay so wanted to try more from the range. I have now brought from Boots the La Roche Posay three step regime anti blemish system and an extra duo+. I will be reporting back on how they are working out for me and my oily skin. 
Pixi glow tonic - love how cute my little Pixi sample was from Latest in Beauty summer glamour box, I just wish it had been slightly bigger so I could have tried it out for a little longer. It's an exfoliating toner with 5% glycolic, aloe vera and ginseng which helps the remove dead skin cells, tone, firm and tighten the skin. It's hypoallergenic which is great for sensitive skin, and the smell isn't offensive at all. Would love to try a bigger version.

Avene Cleanance cleansing water - I purchased this because I do love a cleansing water for quickness and also it's aimed at oily skin types. I do love the turquoise packaging also! Haha. This lasted soooo long, and I did enjoy using it but I think because it lasted so long my skin ended up getting used to it so wasn't as effective as when I first started using it. This has a lovely clean fresh scent to it which I love. I'm still searching for a cleansing water that's good for my oily skin and great at taking mascara off.

Simple cleansing facial wipes - I used simple years ago and for some reason it didn't suit me and brought me out in little rashes and break outs. Years down the line after two kids and everyone seeming to rave about simple I thought I would give it another go. These cleansing wipes are so popular and purchased constantly at my work (Boots). I tried them out and have to say I really got on with them! They contain vitamins to help the skin not feel stripped or raw, some wipes can be harsh on the skin but found these to work perfect. These cleansing wipes have no alcohol or oil which also helps with the feel of the skin after use. I would definitely purchase these again.
Q Balance body spray - I have to admit I'm not a huge body spray person, I don't try out loads of different ones. But this one was great, held off the sweats during heavy lifting and 'mild' exercise and has an alright smell. Thumbs up from me.

That completes my June Empties which ended up not being too short, I apologise. Let me know your best empties, what you would recommend to purchase? June favourites will be coming very soon so keep an eye out. Thanks so much for reading. Karen x JinksyBeauty x


Monday, 29 June 2015

Summer Essentials

There are some items you just have to have for Summer! Some products that help in the hot and heat from the sun, some products that just make all things bright and ready for the summer. But I do live in the UK so a rain mac is always a necessity! They have great ones in primark at the moment.

There are many key products that work well for me in the Summer months, so I will share with you those products, pictures and my thoughts. If you have any other recommendations please feel free to mention them in the comments for JinksyBeauty readers to check out also. If you are a blogger yourself and have a summer must haves post, please link it in the comments also as I would love to check it out.

First up! Don't ever forget to protect them locks on your head, it's easily forgotten but much easier to just keep the No7 Hair Protecting Spritz on your side (Or in your draw if you prefer.) This is a must have in my household for all the family and even my dog a shih-tzu called Minnie with lovely light blonde hair. It helps to protect the hair and scalp from the suns rays while conditioning at the same time, It's also non greasy and hypoallergenic so great for people with sensitive skin or scalps. It helps with colour fade from the sun and also salt and chlorine damage. The spray contains a vitamin complex helping to strengthen and add shine, the antioxidant complex protects hair from sun and environmental damage. It's available from Boots at £7.00 but I always purchase it with my handy No7 £5 off skincare voucher making it a fab deal.

Another item that is a must in the sun is the Boots Soltan once sun cream, we use the kids water play SPF 50+ on all of us and it's never let us down. You only have to apply it once on the skin and it lasts up to 6 hours, water resistant up to 3 hours which is fab. This item is unbelievable to me, we went to Legoland last year on one of the hottest days of the year, a real scorcher. A theme park with lots of outside space and water rides. We applied this once in the morning on all of us, I was so worried as I didn't know if it could stand the high heat and protect us enough. But I couldn't believe not one of us had a slight mark at all, we all have extremely pale skin. Soltan is brilliant as it is 5star UVA rating, which is a must in a sun cream. Not only should you really look for the highest SPF for added safety but the 5star UVA is a must to stop as many of the damaging suns rays getting through as possible. I always have this in the house or take it away with us, on hot days I apply it to the kids before school so they don't need to worry about reapplying at school.

As I have such pale skin the Dove summer glow has really helped my confidence in summer clothes in the hot weather. I have been applying it most mornings and night, it's helped to take that horrid glow of white off my skin and made my skin look a lot healthier. I have been using light-medium but if you have darker skin than myself then you could try the next one up. It also contains a rich essential oil that has left my skin feeling silky smooth. I do have to leave my skin to dry for about 5-10 minutes before putting my clothes on and it does smell on the skin through out the day also. They are my only two negatives but I don't mind for the way it works for me. This is another fab deal in Boots for half price at the moment at only £2.62. They also do a shimmer version if you love glitter on your body as it is rather glittery! If you have any other recommendations please let me know. 

I have massively got into skincare recently with my skin being so oily I have made it my mission to sort it out. One product that I have noticed has made a big difference is the La Roche Posay Serozinc. It's a lovely mist on the face which dries quickly while mattifying the skin. An essential in the hot weather. I brought this from the Boots where I work, it's normally £8.50 but it's on offer at the moment to £6.37 which I think is amazing for what it does. Serozinc is a zinc sulfate solution specifically for oily or blemish prone skin, I have really been enjoying using this and found a massive difference to how long my makeup is lasting. Think I may need to stock up!

At night when I'm too hot like most people, I struggle to sleep and get comfortable. The Avene Thermal Spring water is perfect for me in those nights. I spray this all over my face and body, it's really helps cool me down for a better nights sleep. It can be used for other uses also like after hair removal, to set makeup, sunburns, after exercise and loads more. It's available in three different sizings, starting from a small 50ml perfect for travel up to this massive 300ml that I have which has lasted my ages. Ranging from £3.00-£10.00 in Boots.

My favourite new fashion accessory is these Pepe Jeans sunglasses which are technically my husbands, but shhhh. I totally wear them! We purchased these from Boots when we had the half price sunglasses voucher so was a real good deal for such a fab brand. Normally £60 but with half price and our staff discount if worked out just over £25. I love the coloured mirrored look on sunglasses. One day I do hope to own a pair of Ray Bans (life's mission). 

More beauty favourites and must haves for summer are my Barry M nail polishes. My favourite formula is the Gelly range as I have nearly all these colours but I do love the new quick dry colour range, I just find they require three coats for the look I like. A must have top coat for whatever nail polish range I'm using is the Revlon gel envy top coat. I have never had my nail polish last as long as it does when I use this. I discovered it in my Glamour latest in beauty box for spring and have been using it ever since. It can be found in your local Boots or Superdrug also.

I have found using the Vaseline mini tubs really helping the condition of my lips and helping with the application of matte lipsticks. I have a few different scents from these with my favourite being the cocoa butter, although I don't currently own the Bee queen version which I have heard is amazing. I apply a thick layer of this of a nighttime and my lips are all ready for the day the next morning. These are available in supermarkets, superdrug and Boots which range massively in pride from £1 to up to nearly £5 I have seen for the Bee Queen version. Which one is your favourite?

I fell in love with the Library of Fragrance brand and scents when I won a set at a Bloggers Meet up earlier this year. I have done a blog post on the meet up and all about the Libarary of Fragrance brand previously so please feel free to check those out also. I have been grabbing the Sunshine fragrance* the most as I find it easy to wear, simple fresh scent. The best thing about these is they are a one note fragrance, so they aren't going to change scent through out wear time but they can be layered up to create other more personalised scents. More explained in blogpost! These are available in Boots at £15 each or regularly on offer at 2 for £25. 

I was lucky enough to be able to try out the Doll White UK teeth whitening strips* via The Bloggers hub. They are an amazing link between bloggers and companies to help try out and review fab products. I received a 14 day pack which retails at £19.99 on the doll white website. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised about these, definitely a little sceptic at first as had seen so many celebs pushing teeth whitening brands. They are a gel type strip that's non-peroxide formula, applied for 30 minutes a night. Now with a lot of teeth whitening products they can cause gum sensitivity afterwards while brushing so I will say I did ten days then had a day off then carried on with my treatment. So easy to apply and I could see a difference after first use. It did say to rinse mouth after removing the strips but the gel was very much still there so I did brush my teeth again to remove this. Lovely simple product to give a boost of whiteness to teeth, so perfect for any summer holidays to feel your best. Would love to use these again in the future. 

My final summer essential is this super cute and handy Gilette Venus snap with embrace razor*. Super portable in its little turquoise slim case, it's just the perfect size to throw in your handbag. Definitely a must for anyone going away for travel or in a gym bag. I love how diddy and mini the the whole thing is but the handle is ace, with its rubberised finish making it easier for gripping while in the shower or bath. The razor head itself comes off so is replaceable with the Venus Embrace heads, they contain 5 blades allowing for a super close smooth shave. The head has a great pivotal movement to follow the contours of the legs, making shaving a whole lot quicker for me. As part of the head it contains a ribbon of moisture which I feel has helped give a smoother glide over other razors I have tried. These RRP at £9.99 but are often found on offer in Boots and superdrug. They are currently half price in a Boots at £4.99. 

So that concludes my recommendations for Summer essentials, I love all these products so hand picked them and wanted to share them with you. What's your favourite? Please share your recommendations aswell :)

Thanks for popping by JinksyBeauty today. Please share my blog and social media accounts as much as you would like to, I would love for my JinksyBeauty to be seen across many and grow. Speak soon. Karen x JinksyBeauty x

*PR sample


Sunday, 28 June 2015

My Little Box: June

My Little Box was a little late arriving this month but I'm even later posting it! Bad blogger, completely forgot. But better late than never, here is the fabulous My Little Box for June, the French Riviera box. This months box is a collab with interior designer Sarah Lavoine.

Gorgeous theme for this months box, truly showing how the colour blue is cool and calming to the eye. The first thing I spotted was this amazing artistic feel good print. One of my favourite things about My Little Box is receiving lovely items like this, such a perfect item to be framed in anyone's house. 

When I saw the little rectanglar box I didn't imagine these super cute sunnies to be inside, such a lovely surprise. Amazing and different design from what I would normally choose but I'm liking them, loving the matte brown frame. RRP £18. 

I was a little confused about what these pots where before I unfolded them! Not something I would pick myself for my home but I'm sure someone will make use for them. They are suppose to store plants but can be used to store all types of things like pencils, makeup brushes etc. RRP £6.50.

I always love the beauty bag from My Little Box and this was a fab one also, not as exciting as the ByTerry eyeliner month but still very useable items. 

My beauty bag contained a My Little Beauty sea salt fresh scrub exfolitior, perfect to scrub away all those dead skin cells and prep the body for summer. Especially if you love to fake tan which I'm attempting soon this will help to get the perfect smooth base to start off with. It's a great size of 75ml, so should get a few uses out of it. RRP £8.50 with a wider range available from www.mylittlecorner.fr

The Kerastase Nectar Thermique is a nourishing milk to help care for hair whilst blow drying. It's a leave-in formula which protects against high heat from straighteners, hair dryers and other heated appliances. I received a 50ml fab size which is a third of a full size you would purchase for £20.50 on the Kerastatse site. Sample worth approx just under £7.

With blue being a favourite of Sarah Lavoine the colour of nail varnish was a lovely addition, I couldn't wait and painted my nails straight away with it. RRP £6.50 and can loved by products can be found at www.loved-by.com

So another great month from My Little Box, fab products as usual with a box total of £46.50 without the price of the print. I didn't mind waiting a little longer this month for delivery as these things happen sometimes. They were great with communication so can't fault them at all. What was your favourite item from my box? If you receive My Little Box did you get anything different ? Talk to me in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by JinksyBeauty today, speak soon. Karen x JinksyBeauty x

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