Sunday, 17 May 2015

My Little 'Provence' Box

My Little 'Provence' Box for May arrived a couple of days ago filled with goodies! As usual I adore the packaging and attention to detail. I have been loving the stickers attached to the inner top part of the cardboard delivery packaging, and as always the box is adorable.

The first thing I noticed was a framable cute picture in this months box which was lovely, super adorable. Plus the ribbon wrapped around all the items is still very much appreciated. 

Along with the magazine which I'm not all that fused about this month and some rather groovy magnets which my daughter is going to love playing dress up the lady with.

This month I received a DIY bracelet in my box, which is a lovely idea but I'm not sure it's for me. I do adore receiving jewellery in my boxes but the whole threading isn't really up my street, this is said to be worth £15! Any tips feel free to leave in the comments below the blogpost. It came in a cardboard envelope box labelled 'Sunny things inside' ...

I'm still in love with the cute bags that the beauty items come in, so useful for storage afterwards. In my beauty bag this month I received L'Occitane hand cream, shower gel, body lotion and a cute leaf soap. All perfect sizings for hand bag or travelling. The only item I'm not keen on is the hand cream only due to to the scent being of strong rose, but I will still use as its good stuff for my paws. All these sized items are worth £10.54 worked out from the sizing of normal full sized products and prices. 

My favourite item from this months My Little Box is the Gorgous Bronze eyeshadow crayon, I'm totally in love with all things copper, bronze, rose gold at the moment in anything beauty, home related etc. So this My Litte Beauty item was much loved straight away before swatching and even more loved after swatching. 

So quick to use and easily blended once applied to the skin, I will get so much use out of this product for simple everyday makeup. It can be used tight to the lash line and under the water line, or smudged all over the eye and is perfect as an eye base. This is worth £9 and is available from Another great thing about this eye crayon is it has a twistable rotating end, meaning no sharperner is needed to get more product. Always handy!

Definitely not my favourite box I have received since starting with them about four months ago but the metallic brown eye crayon saved it for me. Total Box value this month is approx £40.54 which is also the lowest value I have received since joining. What did you think of this months box? Can't wait to hear from you. 

Please let me know how easy it is to comment underneath each blogpost and if there is any changes in layout needed on my blog. Constructive not mean please 💋

Thanks so much for reading. Speak soon, Karen x JinksyBeauty x


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