Friday, 15 May 2015

Meeting Vivianna Does Makeup + #SELFRIDGESXWORKIT event.

Wow am I glad I went to the #SELFRIDGESXWORKIT event now, such a wonderful uplifting experience. I woke up yesterday morning and saw Anna (Vivianna) tweeted that she had dreamt that nobody had turned up to meet her and wanted people to visit to 'de-lemon' her. Made me giggle so much. I love that she was replying to so many followers tweeting her, I mentioned the event to my husband and he was like lets go! Ahhh panic had to get ready changed to meet a fantastic Youtuber and blogger. What do I wear? Should I changed my nail polish to 'eat my dust' a Barry M favourite of hers? (I didn't, as thought haven't got the time, road rage from Barry M it was)  :) haha. So I got ready nervously and we went. ROAD TRIP!

Anna's meet up beauty chat was 12-3pm, we arrived slightly early so as usual found out a disney store to look around and then headed over to the Selfridges Birmingham work it event. We walked in past the sunglasses as me and my hubby have a slight obsession with them at the moment and I spotted her chatting away. She had a lovely little set up with her favourite beauty picks.

We were both then greeted by the lovely and Gorgous Rose Gallagher from Mixed Gems beauty blog who works at Selfridges as a personal shopper. I already knew of her from following her fabulous Instagram page, which if you haven't seen you must check out. (Mixedgemsbeauty) Rose explained more about the event and what other special events she had done and is planning, she was so friendly and helped relax me slightly as I was nervous about meeting Anna when I got there. 

The #SELFRIDGESXWORKIT event was running from yesterday 14th May until 17th May 12-3pm each day as the idea behind this event is something you can do in your lunch break. Today (Friday 15 May) is a Bobbi Brown workshop, Saturday is a Shu Uemura and Sunday is Nars. So if you around the area you should definitely pop in as its a lovely beauty filled atmosphere. I will be there again myself this Sunday as I'm attending a bloggers event on Urban Decay. (Not that your turning up to meet me!) haha

Onto meeting Anna....

I waited as she was chatting to other ladies before me and was standing there thinking what do I say, what do I talk about but I really didn't need to worry as she is so easy to talk to. She is generally such an amazing lovely person and made it very casual like chatting to a friend. I was so happy with the amount of time I got to speak with her as I thought it would be a quick hi, bye, picture. But it was an amazing experience, I learnt a lot more about her and she made me feel a lot better about myself. I have been struggling with confidence of late and have not wanted to share any pictures of myself, so progress here as I have shared these today on this blog, and yesterday on Twitter/Instagram. She made me feel wonderful telling me I was beautiful and loving my eye makeup, asking me lots questions about beauty and myself, family etc which was fab. If you love YouTube, blogging or beauty and ever have the chance to meet Anna you really must, she is incredible. I'm hoping her and Lily (Pebbles) will be able to do a BeautyChat live at Selfridges stores and come back to Birmingham store soon.

Of course being in Selfridges I had to take a nosey around all the beauty counters which are so amazing and a very dangerous place for a beauty addict like me. But I was very well behaved and just window shopped yesterday, taking lots of pictures along the way. Here they are...

So many Gorgous products in one place, one thing I did spot that I really liked was this Charlotte Tilbury makeup bag. How gorge is this! 

So as you can tell I had an amazing time and really glad my husband encouraged me to attend and came with me to enjoy the event himself, he was chatting away with the lovely ladies aswell :)

I tweeted all about it when I returned home and loved that Anna favourited every single one of my tweets and photos on Instagram and Twitter making it extra special. Big fan girl here at mo. 
Loved meeting both Anna and Rose, they made me feel great, I came away with my adrenaline pumping (so my husband told me) hands shaking from all the excitement. Fab times!

Who have you meet? Would love to hear your stories in the comments section below. Thanks so much for reading today, I hope you enjoyed sharing my little excitement and the pictures of the day. 
Speak soon, Karen x JinksyBeauty x


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