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Library of Fragrance

Totally in love with the products and brand that is Library of Fragrance! I won these amazing scents as my raffle prize from the #ShropshireBloggerMeet, I'm so happy with them and have loved learning all the background of the company today for research. I already knew I loved Cherry Blossom Library of Fragrance scent from spraying at work (I work at Boots!) and that was in the other trio that was a raffle prize but went before my name was called. But I'm super happy with the three I won, which is Grass, Sunshine and Vanilla Ice Cream! 

There was some fabulous prizes on offer from the meet up but as soon as I spotted the Library of Fragrance I was excited, so was not so secretly hoping to get them as I didn't own any. As I work at Boots we are a stockist of Library of Fragrance and knew how different and unique scents they made but didn't know the story behind the company till now. 

Library of fragrance which I'm now going to refer to as LOF mission for their company is to expand the enjoyment of fragrance, each day, everyday. As a company they are 100% against Animal testing which is fab news for us animal lovers out there.

LOF is produced by a New York based company Demeter fragrance library inc, which was established in 1996. The idea behind them was to create scents and smells that surround us in everyday life, to recreate those smells, to trigger memory's for people wearing them. The very first three scents created were Grass, Dirt and Tomato, which they launched in a New York based store Bergdorf Goodman. It soon took off gathering a cult following.

I have to say when I first though I have a Grass fragrance it was a little strange but gosh does it smell nice and I completely get where they were coming from to create it. Smelling this is just like freshly cut grass, they got it spot on and I love that smell, such a relaxing fresh scent.

After the success of the first three they then went on to produce another three after having a play around with scents, they produced gin&tonic, baby powder (which I love) and playdoh (which I think sounds fab) 

LOF now has over 300 unique fragrances in the collection, 101 of them are availble on their UK website. As I said Boots stock these adorable fragrances with 400 Boots stores stocking 28 favourites and a further 600 stores stocking 7 top selling lines. These are priced at £15 each in Boots stores for 30ml cologne spray, with an offer of buying 2 for £25 at the moment.

These fragrances are each created to be single note scents, which can be worn alone or mixed to create personalised fragrances. Single notes are one smell that don't alter or change during wear time, when you mix or layer them together this creates scents that will express notes at different times, this is where your will hear people referring to top, middle and bottom notes in fragrances. This method explains in what order that element will come through in a fragrance. The order you spray each scent can make a difference in the end result, so ideally you wouldn't want to put a heavy strong scent on top as this would mask and overpower any lighter scents underneath.

Sunshine is my favourite to wear on myself but with vanilla ice cream layered ontop smells divine. I adore the idea of mixing and creating difference scents each day, playing around to find your perfect smell. There are so many different scents made by LOF the ideas are endless. 

The wear time for these cologne sprays differs per scent but can be between 2-6 hours, the odour molecules from the fragrance evaporate faster on dryer skin. So with that idea in mind it's always best to use your LOF on freshly moisturised skin for added benefits of it lasting longer.

Have you tried any of the LOF fragrances? Let me know what you like or think sounds nice, would love to hear from you in the comments :) 

Thanks so much for reading JinksyBeauty x Karen x


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