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Glitter Bows - Prairie Charms !

Aren't they the most beautiful things you have ever seen?! After discovering the fabulous company that is Prairie Charms at the #ShropshireBloggerMeet I had to see more. So I searched for them via all their social media accounts, Twitter and Instagram are amazing you must follow. (Details found on pretty business card in pictures below.) They do amazing deals and talking of deals Prairie Charms are doing a special discount offer for JinksyBeauty readers so stay tuned till the end to find out more.  

Here is the gorgeous heart clip I picked from the meet up in the colour Pastel Lilac.

They do a whole range of beautiful and amazing no shed glitter fabric which means you have very little fall out from the products making them last a lifetime if you look after them well. Prairie Charms are amazing if you want a custom order and helped me get exactly what I wanted for me and my daughter Amber. They are so lovely to chat to and will go out of their way to make sure each and every customer is happy and gets exactly what they want. So if you can't see what you want in the website or want something changed slightly do message them as they are brill at doing special custom orders.

We wanted colour, glitter, glam bows and wow did we get it...see for yourself....

We picked fifteen different fabrics which were made into the most perfect glitzy bows with a clip on the back making it simple to slot onto any hairstyle. Amber has very fine fragile hair so with the fab knot hair bands they also stock and these glorious glitter clips they put the least strain on her hair possible when styling. The knot hair bands are a lifesaver for us, so much better than ordinary hair bands. They sit perfectly on the hair without the tightness that causes damage to the hair, and are so much easier pulling them out. They also massively help with people who suffer with headaches from tying their hair up. Prairie charms do the most amazing designs in these, I wanted them all from the blogger meet up when I saw the designs they do them in but the glitter heart won me over for Amber.

So check out the glory that are the most fabulous and breathtakely beautiful glitter bows. Both me and Amber and even my husband were blown away with just how gorgeous they looked in real life when they arrived in my fab holographic delivery bag. (Which I'm keeping as I love all things holographic.) 

They were beautifully wrapped in sets of five in boxes so they were secure for posting which also had lovely holographic tape around and the gorge Prairie Charms stickers. (Pictures on my Instagram!)
Here is when I first got the all out on my kitchen table! 

Shows the front and back detailing with the clip attached to the bows.

Aren't their business cards the sweetest, I love them. I have been asked a few times lately for my business card which I don't have at the moment, any recommendations for where to get them done would be greatly appreciated. Let me know in the comments below.

And can we just take a moment to adore how cute these paper straws are they also stock, they come in so many cute designs with the Stars being my favourite as I do love all things stars!

So with the most amazing fabric colours available I will list below which colour is which on the glitzy bows, as to make it easier for you if you want to make an order. (Remember to check out the great deal for you at the bottom.) 

Pastel White
Pastel Sugar Pink
Pastel Lemon
Pastel Apple
Pastel Summer Sky
Pastel Lilac
Metallic Purple
Metallic Emerald
Royal Blue
Pale Metallic Gold
Rose Gold/Metallic Orange
Milk Chocolate
Metallic Silver

Which colour is your favourite? I just can't choose!

Here are a couple pictures in Ambers hair showing just a few ways they can be easily styled, so simple to add glamour to any do! The clip makes it really easy to add once hair is completely styled or to just wear alone sweeping hair off the face etc. The versatility of these is endless.

So onto your amazing deal, if you want to order these amazingly beautiful bows you can do for just £1.75 each! What! I hear you shout. Amazing! If you tweet Prairie charms with #JINKSYBOW YOU can get these at that amazing price plus on top of that you will also receive a free gift from the Summer 2015 collection. There are still more amazing fabrics that we didn't manage to get yet but if you tweet them with #JINKSYBOW for your discount and freebie order you can request a swatches email that they can send you the beautiful selection. 

Please follow me on Bloglovin via links at the top of my blog and also my Twitter and Instagram where I will be sharing more exciting things coming from Praire Charms very soon. may come in the shape of a pizza box! Eeekkkk....very excited.

Thanks so much for reading. Speak very soon. Karen x JinksyBeauty x


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