Monday, 11 May 2015

Birchbox May 2015: Free Your Mind!

Another month means another Birchbox, Mays Birchbox theme is Free Your Mind and we get to colour our boxes in! There was a slight change in that we didn't get our usual product information cards but instead had a little booklet, which is cute! 

The reason I was most excited about receiving this months Birchbox was the collab with Wahlondon nails, we had an email to pick our own sample product for Mays box. We could choose between Wahlondon stick on nails, nail polish or nail art pens. I was over the moon as I love Wahlondon nail polish picking that straight away as the picture showed lovely bright colours, the only one I was worried at getting was orange as I'm totally not a fan! But I have to admit the whole reason I'm disappointed with this box is the shade selection nail polish I got being a light pink metallic matte shade called Late Nights.

Being so pale this shade isn't wearable for me and I'm just not over keen for myself. But I do have a gorgeous friend who is going to be happy to take it off my hands, so all is not lost. I did put about my disappointment of this on my Instagram and was surprised to see that the founder of Wahlondon Sharmadean Reid commented on my post to advice on how to try it out, I was terribly worried that I had offended her but she assured me I hadn't. I was just looking forward to getting a nice bright blue or green shade, but it can't always be what we want. These retail at £9.

Another item I received in my May box was the Jelly pong pong Caribbean Sun Bronzer duo in the shade Martinique which retails at £15.95. 

This Jelly pong pong bronzer blush duo is lovely but it is rather small for trying to fit your brush in the separate sides, but is handy for people trying to take little things away traveling or on the go. The formula to this duo is infused with Argan and Mango butter to add a little bit extra moisture to your face via a makeup product. They are really nice shades which I think would suit a large variety of skin tones. Below you will see my quick swatches.

Which leads me nicely onto the other item swatches on my hand at the same time the Mirenesse mattitying lip rouge, mine was in the shade Paris. Which again I wouldn't have picked the shade for myself but I do like the formula, this leaves your lips slightly moisturised for a matte lip cream. Normally with matte formula they do tend to dry your lips out. This can be lightly patted on the lips for a sheer colour or built up to a strong coverage. This sample size is worth £5.10 with the full size version costing £21. 

My favourite item out of the box is the Whish body butter in Almond, I love Marzipan so the smell of this is divine to me. I used this in conjunction with my Body Shop solid Argan Oil that I received in my You Beauty Discovery box on my hands and they worked a treat, lovely and moisturise while smelling gorgeous. This body butter has Aloe, Shea butter and Raspberry butter helping to boost firmness also. This sample size is worth £3.19 with a full size costing £14.50. 

The two hair products I received this month was the Parlor sea salt spray worth £3.47 with a full size costing £17 and the Number 4 hair mask as a beauty bonus extra worth approx £1.80 as a full sized item is £36. Both items I will use and are excellent travel sizes. 

Everybody also received the cute little colouring pencil pack to add that creativeness of ourselves to our boxes, making our box this month customisable. A hint for next months June box is that we will be able to pick the box design. Exciting, I will look forward to that email. 

The approx box total for this months May box is £38.51, with the box itself costing £10 plus p&p. If you want to sign up for next months box please do so via my referral link that you will find in the beauty box referral page at the top of my blog. You can receive an extra £5 worth of Birchbox points by going through my link and so will I. I have heard there is a code where you can get a further £10 worth of points making it £15 extra for you using promo code MAY100, which is excellent if it's still live so do try that out.

Thanks so much for reading. Please let me know in the comments your favourite beauty box. Karen x JinksyBeauty x


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