Sunday, 5 April 2015

Smashbox BeautyBlogger Event!

Last week I attended a fabulous Beauty Blogger event for Smashbox cosmetics in Boots Shrewsbury store. They invited us to learn about the history of Smashbox cosmetics and to see, touch and feel all their amazing products! 

Smashbox cosmetics was founded in 1996 with the intention of being makeup that would not only look good on your skin in a photo studio but also in everyday reality. The idea being if it lasts under tough studio environments, lasting all day it will give customers of Smashbox cosmetics what they want in makeup that they buy for everyday use with great lasting power.

Smashbox love and are very proud of their primers and wanted everyone who attended the event to see just how special they are and take away a sample that suits their skin to try for themselves. Photo finish foundation primer which launched in 2000 was the first breakthrough product for Smashbox cosmetics and still to his day is one of their best selling products which has won many awards. You only need a pea sized amount under your foundation which really helps the application become a lot smoother and helps the lasting power of your makeup creating 'complexion perfection.' A great tip I learnt from the Smashbox website is that you can also use the Photo finish foundation primer to help tame your hair frizz, used in wet or dry hair.

The event was organised and held by Charlotte and Kate who were clearly very passionate about what they do and the brand of Smashbox Cosmetics. They made the event lovely and relaxed, allowing us to pick and choose what we wanted to learn most about. They passed around all the products they talked about so we could really get a feel for the products, colours and consistencies.

The product I had heard so much about before going to the event was the new Smashbox Primer Water, I was intending to buy this but unfortunately they only had one and it was purchased before I had chance to get it. The Primer water is free from silicone, alcohol and oil, it's packed full of electrolytes to wake up the skin and restore moisture to the skin. The water is a multitasking product which can be used to prime before makeup, set your makeup to lock in that look you have created in place, can be used to refresh your makeup through out the day and also can be used to spray on your makeup brushes to create a more bold more pigmented look to you makeup. It can also be stored in your fridge to help give an extra cool refreshing mist over your face. This product has been sold out on since I went as I have been checking each day, I'm so desperate to try this as it claims to keep you shine free and with my oily skin this is definately something I want from a product as well as all the others amazing things it does.

The Full Exposure eyeshadow palette has a new friend in the Double exposure eyeshadow palette. The first two pictures as shown above are of Full exposure palette, third picture shows Double exposure and fourth picture shows how Double exposures eyeshadows transform when used wet. The idea of the Double exposure palette is that you don't only get 14 shades as shown, when used wet they create a whole new shade so you actually are buying a 28 shadow palette. I do love an eyeshadow palette and actually ended up buying the Cherry Smoke palette. (Pictures and swatches will be lower down this blog post.) Other than palettes I was very excited about the lip product ranges in Smashbox and plastered my hand in many colours during the night. Picture below shows two thicker swatches of the matte lipsticks in Electric Pink and Latte (which I also brought, pictures lower down page.) The thinner lines are of the lip liners with the purple shade being Violet and other being Shocking pink.

On the night we got our primer sample and a sample of a lipstick which I chose Fig, I brought Cherry smoke palette and Matte lipstick in Latte, they said this was one of their best selling shades. So below is all pictures of the products, samples and swatches from my products.

Thanks so much for reading, I know there was a lot of pictures in this blogpost but I wanted to share the amazing products with you as best as I could. Please share in the comments what your favourite Smashbox products are or what your thoughts are on the brand. Hopefully I will get my Primer Water soon, keep an eye on my Instagram or Twitter for most up to date info. Speak soon. Karen x


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