Monday, 20 April 2015

Perfect Spring Palette: Sleek Del Mar 2!

I love Sleek cosmetics especially the eyeshadow palettes, so when I heard a new release was coming out I couldn't wait to get it. This is the Sleek Del Mar 2 and is the perfect-perfect palette for spring with these Gorgous colours! 

The Del Mar 2 is a limited edition palette which at the moment is available at and superdrug, it won't be arriving at Boots till next month I believe. The colours are light, bright and airy perfect for this time of year when you don't want a strong dark look but more of a fresh, dewy, radiant glow. It still contains a few deeper shades to help with definition but that aren't over the top dark and blend perfectly.

It comes with the same sponge double ended applicator that all my eyeshadow palettes from sleek have that I don't ever use but I don't mind, it would just be better to leave it out I think. Do you use them? The Del Mar 2 also has as usual a great size mirror covering the top section of the palette, which is extremely handy. There is a great mix of finishes in this palette from pearl, shimmer to matte, with most the brighter colours being matte to add that pop of colour to any look.

Swatches below show the top row from the Del Mar 2 palette!

And these pictures show the bottom row!

Beautiful and totally different sleek palette for me compared to all the others I own, I do have about ten others which I love and use regularly. I enjoy using many sleek items, especially my face form palette and blushes. I have recently ordered some lipsticks as I have never tried them out so hopefully they will be good as I have heard mixed reviews. What's your favourite Sleek product?

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