Thursday, 23 April 2015

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1&2!

With Lorac being a brand not easily accessible in the UK and hearing all about the Iconic Pro 1&2 being complete dupes for the Lorac palettes I was intrigued to try them out. Superdrug have just recently starting stocking these palettes and at £6.99 each they are selling fast.

The first thing that I thought was odd when I opened them is they both look exactly the same on top, so if they were sat in your makeup draw you wouldn't be able to tell them apart unless you flipped them over or kept them in the cases which I think I may do. I do think they should have just added the digit 2 on the end of the Iconic Pro 2 palette to make it easier for us! 

Pictures below show the Iconic Pro 1 palette!

As with both palettes the top rows are matte shades and the bottom row shimmer/metallic shades, all have great colour payoff with some being slightly more chalky than others but can totally be worked with to create a fabulous look. 

Iconic Pro 1 top row matte shades:

Iconic Pro bottom row shimmer shades:

The Iconic Pro 1 palette has some beautiful light matte shades for all over the lid and highlighting, it also has some perfect crease transition shades with a couple darker shades far right for darkening or deepening any look. The two shades I was most excited about in this palette was the shimmer shades the gold called getter and burnt red shade called stage which certainly didn't disappoint when swatching. My favourite in the mattes is called must and is the shade third from left top of the palette.

On to the Iconic Pro 2 palette which contains a lot more deeper darker matte shades again on the top row, with some more beautiful shimmer shades along the bottom. The most exciting for me in this palette being the khaki green shade called Ambition, and the colours in this palette that didn't impress me as much are the purple and blue matte shades but you can't be expected to always love every single shade in an eyeshadow palette. 

Iconic Pro 2 top row matte shades:

Iconic Pro 2 bottom row shimmer shades:

Both Iconic Pro 1&2 are super fab value for money and are great first time palettes or just a great addition to anyone's collection. The colour payoff is amazing, especially as matte shades in the drugstore normally lack on the pigment.

I have seen many comparison pictures to the Lorac pro palettes and they do look very much the same, I would be interested to know if anybody has tried both and can give feedback to the similarities and differences apart from the cost :)

Have you tired these palettes? Please let me know in the comments or contact me via Twitter/Instagram I would love to know your thoughts or recommendations. Thanks for reading. Karen x

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