Sunday, 5 April 2015

Essence cosmetics blush Spring/Summer!

Another fab buy from Essence Cosmetics found at my local Wilkinsons store, this Essence blush called Blush Up in Heatwave was only £3.50. I was drawn to this as it looks an exact dupe for the Mac cosmetics version ombre blush also in powder form.

Essence cosmetics do a much bigger/wider range than what I can get in my Wilkinsons store, I'm hoping my superdrug will start to stock them soon as I have heard superdrug have taken the range on. This blush is intensively pigmented and needs to be used with a light hand or it could go very wrong! You can either use the one side more orange, the other side pink or mix them together to create a whole new shade which is more coral. A great 3in1 blush!

Swatch below shows slightly more blended in with my finger, they come up differently with a brush on the cheeks. I'm very pale so they show up dramatically on me but they add a lovely pop of colour to the top of the cheekbones, perfect for the time of year coming up.

Have you tried any Essence cosmetics products, please share in the comments.
Speak soon. Karen x


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