Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Discovery Club box: The Fragrance Shop!

The Fragrance Shop have their very own Subscription box called the Discovery Club! This is my first box and I have the Spring edition, they are released every three months for each season so you can sample the new fragrances for that time of year. This subscription box costs £5 for each box to have a taste of the new fragrance scents of the season. They normally come in a different box according to a letter in my box, but they were all out so improvised with this one.

My box was full to the brim with exciting newbies! This months box had severn samples, a booklet explaining the different essences and notes in the scents we have received and a voucher booklet for if you want to buy the full sized version. The Winter box edition that I saw on another blog contained eleven fragrances samples last time so I don't think you get the same amount each time. Six of my fragrances were women's and one mans, which is exciting in a beauty box that my husband can get to try new things also. Here is what was in my box...

So an exciting and different subscription box that you receive every three months. I'm a big fan of Summer edition fragrances so I'm looking forward to receiving the next box. What do you think of the Discovery club box by The Fragrance Shop? Share you thoughts in the comments about this or any other subscription box. Remember to follow me via Bloglovin if you like my Blog :) Thank You! Karen x


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