Monday, 20 April 2015

Clinique 'Lip Pop' lipstick swatches, mini review + freebies!

Clinique pop, lip colour + primer is available exclusively to Boots at the moment so I had to travel to get my hand on these, as i wanted to swatch them so I knew which shades I liked. Unfortunately they were sold out of so many shades and these were the only two that really caught my eye. Nude pop and Beige pop. I was originally wanting Melon Pop and Grape pop from swatches I had seen online and they both did look Gorgous but were sold out. 

There are sixteen shades in this new range with just over half these being sold out in Boots Merry Hill when I visited yesterday. They are £16 each but I was told if you brought two items you gained a 'free gift', but the gift that was pointed out to me was not scanned and put in my bag instead the assistant picked some samples from her drawers. So that was slightly mis-leading. These two shades are rather similar and when I swatched them for this blogpost I was disappointed on how similar they were, which again with service I think should have been pointed out to me when purchasing. Beige pop tester was completely used up so I couldn't swatch it properly myself instore to compare.

If I was to choose again I wouldn't have picked these two colours especially at the price they are maybe I would have picked one of them, but I would have gone for something with a bit more colour if they were in stock like Poppy Pop, Melon Pop or Grape Pop.

Clinique is not a skincare line I have used on my skin before so I will see how it performs with my oily skin type. Anybody has any recommendations please let me know. 

The colours shades 01 Nude Pop and 04 Beige Pop are very neutral brown tones with the Nude being a slightly deeper colour to look at but when swatched I struggled to tell the difference. On the lips you can tell slighty more of a difference between them but not enough to make it worth buying the two. On the left in these photos is Nude pop and Beige Pop is on the right.

These lipsticks are more of a pigmented creamy lip balm which certainly do not last the eight out wear time they claim, I had Beige pop on this morning for two hours and then it was barely there, so have now applied Nude pop but I can't see there being much difference. Maybe with the brighter colours they may stain they lips more to make it appear to last longer but as much I want to try the other colours I feel so disappointed with service and these lipsticks that I don't think I will be going to do so.
Thanks for reading.  Karen x


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