Thursday, 16 April 2015

Beauty Box Battle: My Little Box v Glossybox!

When the postman knocks on the door and two beauty boxes arrive this makes one happy girly. My Glossybox and My Little Box both arrived on the same day again! I did so well not to see any spoilers on each one so it was nice to open them without thinking will I get this or that from spoilers. The first one I opened was My Little Box as this is more unique than my usual Birchbox and Glossybox, they normally have quirky added extras.

The theme this month is Dream, which sounds lovely but I'm not sure I understand the theme with the contents of the box! I always love the character and styling of the My Little Boxes, they never disappoint with the attention to detail, all the added extras make it feel so special compared to other beauty boxes I have.

My favourite thing out the whole box is the paper cloud with the Walt Disney quote on it, I think it's so cute and definitely Ikea Ribba frame worthy. My 'Once upon a dream' padded cloud was an exciting consept with an item hiding inside, it contained a Delphine Pariente necklace worth £20 which is lovely looking but I'm unsure how to wear it. Please let me know in the comments if you do, do i tie it?

The beauty products always come in a lovely bag, but the products themselves weren't over exciting this month but I will still get use out of them. The bag contained 100ml Cowshed body lotion which says it's worth £18, is that right? Gosh! Also had a Lou Lesage lip balm worth £8 and the My Little Beauty item this month was a hair mask worth £7. The hair mask does smell nice and contains walnut oil with Shea butter. Other months I have received a By Terry eyeliner and Garnier miracle sleeping cream which I was so happy to receive, not quite that exciting this time.

I received a lovely mint green coloured stamp (that matched my nail varnish I have on) it contains twelve messages that can be rotated round to the required statement or picture to be used. I can choose anything from stars, clouds symbols to 'made with love' and others quotes. The value of this item is £8.

Overall im still really impressed with My Little Box with this being my third or fourth box since subscribing with theme. The value of this months box is £61 and costs £11 a month plus p&p. 

Next up is Glossybox which costs £10 a month plus p&p, this months theme is Iconic Hollywood. It's another themed design box which I think it's always best when they do that as it looks more thought out and less boring than the plain pink. I received mine in a turquoise/mint green shade which I was happy about, I was dreading getting the Orange version as it's my least favourite colour. It contains a lovely quote on the inside from Marilyn Monroe as seen in the pictures below, different coloured boxes contained different quotes.

The only thing I knew I was going to receive from this box was the Lord & Berry lip crayon as we had a spoiler card in last month box. This month doesn't have any spoiler card so I'm wondering what next months theme will be. I'm still waiting on the Collection Cosmetics sample month as they announced a few months ago they had teamed up with Glossybox. 

The Lord & Berry lip crayon came in the shade Kiss which I believe all subscribers received, this is worth £10. It has a matte finish which I prefer at the moment but if wanted I could opt to have a gloss over. I first tried it on with no other makeup as seen in the swatch below but obviously with it being such a bright colour it looks a lot better with the rest of your face made up, unless your blessed with naturally beautiful skin. :)

Another item i was rather happy to receive was the Color club nail varnish in the shade Barely There which is a beautiful nude and is worth £4.10. Color club are a lot bigger brand in America than here in the UK, I see a lot of them on Youtubers videos that I follow. 

The next three items I was not over happy to receive in my box and don't think I will be using. One was a body lotion with lavender scent, so that's a no go as I don't care for that smell. Another was a pop beauty eyeliner which doesn't look over exciting and the next was a tub of astral cream. Hmmm...not impressed Glossybox. 

Glossybox total box value this month is £25.16 which is the worst box I've had I believe for contents and value. I was pleased with my Color club nail varnish and the Lord & Berry lip crayon was just ok. Definetely not over impressed with Glossybox of late, they really need to up their game to compete with all the other beauty boxes around. What's your favourite beauty box?  Let me know in the comments box below. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. Karen x


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