Thursday, 26 March 2015

Maybelline Mini Lips Haul

Loving everything Maybelline cosmetics at the moment especially the lip products! So with the best offer ever on at Boots at the minute I got a few things, more posts to come soon on my other products! Boots have 3 for 2 across all non-premium cosmetics at the moment, which I love but my purse definitely doesn't!

I already love the Maybelline Babylips as I own a few already (more pictures on my Instagram) but the Dr Rescue range has to be my favourite. I received my first Dr Rescue Babylips as a free gift when brought with other Maybelline products a few months ago in Berry Soft and loved it, just wish that was a permanent line. Maybelline have since released three more in the UK, one being clear and the other two pink and coral which are my new additions in Pink Me Up and Coral Crave. 

Dr Rescue Babylips are a little more pennies than the normally line at £3.49 each but are so worth the extra. They have a medicated menthol smell to them and claim to give 12 hours moisture. I love that they give instant intense moisture and care with a tint of colour, the Eucalyptus oil and Shea butter are definate winners in these. 

Having seen so many people rave about the Color drama intense velvet lip pencils I needed to try them for myself. They are said to be good dupes for the Nars version. I googled swatches first before I went to get them to see which shades where the best out of the collection. I'm a sucker for a coral and have recently been loving nudes so went for 420 In With Coral and 620 Nude Perfection. These are priced at £4.99 each which I didn't think was too bad.

I'm sure from the swatches above you can tell the difference between the nude and the coral, both very different but Gorgous with strong pigmentation. They come up matte when on the lips which helps with the staying power but are not drying for me. I would say they stay on with strong colour for approx three hours before I need to fill them in again to get back that fullness of colour on the lips. You do need a larger pencil sharperner for these as they are like a mini chubby stick.

The shape of the Color Drama pencils make it very easy for application and getting great shape on the lips. I would definitely like to try out other shades in the range. Which other colours do you recommend or tried? I watch so many YouTube videos and see so many Maybelline products and lines that we don't stock here in the UK, I wish we had those items availble to us here. I especially would love to try our more lipsticks as we don't have a massive shade selection, I have seen the matte lipstick range on videos that look amazing. I also would love to try out the Master range, as they seem to do lovely primers, concealors etc. Hoping for UK release soon or a lottery win so I can fly over to get them myself! Haha

Thanks so much for reading, please share your thoughts in the comments.
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