Friday, 13 February 2015

My things! Next home, new camera, furblings, Disney & more...

I finally have a camera! Whoop whoop. So after lots of research on what camera to get i finally have one, the Canon G16. I have been taking all my blogging, Instagram and Twitter pictures on my iPhone till now but knew if I wanted to take blogging seriously that I needed a decent camera. So I had a little play around in Auto setting to take some random pictures around my house, so feel free to have a nosey! :) 

My Mac cosmetics eyeshadow palette in my first photo above is building up nicely with a couple more shades on the way. Can you recommend any good shadows to add to my collection?

Next few photos are some of my many Next Home items, I do love a bit of Next.

As I mainly brought my camera to take pictures of makeup here are a few also :)

My nip + fab was a new purchase yesterday in the sale at Tesco. It does say don't use if allergic to Bee sting, but I have never been stung by a Bee! Hmmmmm!  Have you tried this out? :)

The fabulous Fleur De Force released her amazing book yesterday 'The Glam Guide' here is a sneak peak inside her book if you haven't already seen it or own it..

And final testing pictures are bright and colourful ones, furblings and Disney...

So camera is shooting well in Auto mode, I just need to learn what all the buttons do now to make some super beauty snaps for you. If you have any advice feel free to leave a comment below to help me with JinksyBeauty. More pictures coming soon :) thanks for reading. Karen x
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