Thursday, 26 February 2015

My first Barry M palette: Starry eyed.

Barry M dazzle dusts used to be all that filled my Makeup drawers back in the day, I have loved Barry M for years! They have now evolved more widely known for their nail selection and contain my favourite nail polish in the Gelly collection. (Blogpost to come soon with my collection.)

Barry M released eyeshadow palettes a while back now but they have never really interested me until I saw a recent video that contained the Starry Eyed palette. This palette contain six eyeshadows and a very intense bright coral/peach shimmer blush. I mainly wanted the Starry eyed palette for the gold and berry eyeshadow shades, and I knew it had been out a little while and saw it was limited edition so panic brought it incase I couldn't get it soon! 

It contains three matte eyeshadow shades, three shimmer metallic eyeshadow shades and a sparkley golden peach blush! The palette also contain two double ended foam applicators but I won't be using these as I find it much easier with a brush or just my fingers! 

I love the deep purple packaging that the starry eyed palette has, it also also a magnetic pull close in it sleek design which I really like and a mirror covering the top part.

The shadows and blush are all a decent size and shape to be able to get my brush right into the shades themselves and the pigments are impressive, much better with a primer underneath as expected.

The blusher in the palette is the most pigmented of them all and when I first swatched it it did shock me how bright it was, so it needs to be used with a very light hand if your not into much colour on your cheeks. Also if you don't like shimmer and sparkle in your blush this definitely won't be for you, but lucky for me I love it.

I haven't tried any of the other Barry M palettes yet but the others don't look as exciting to me, have you tried any? Let me know your thoughts on them below.
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