Thursday, 19 February 2015

Mac Eyeshadow Palette + new pan additions!

Exciting times to add some more Mac eyeshadow pans to my Mac Palette. I have been in to Copper and Bronze colours at the moment and was lucky enought to have three newbie shades added to my collection through an amazing gift.

There is so many amazing Mac eyeshadow shades and with my palette already having more colour to it than I would prefer I needed more neutral shades, so Woodwinked, Antiqued and Amber Lights have been an amazing addition to my palette. I used to have a massive Mac eyeshadow collection and stupidly did the Back to Mac with nearly full eyeshadows to get free lipsticks before I realised you could depot them and still do this. Big regret.

One of my favourite Youtubers is Kathleen Lights- and she mentioned that her favourite Mac shadow was Amber Lights so with my daughter being called Amber I was so happy to have this shade. So here are my three newbies swatched.

Going from Woodwinked to Antiqued through to Amber Lights, with the latter being my favourite :). 
They have now been added to my palette and I definitely wish I had gone for these shades more as they can be mixed togther more so and used more often than my original shades that I kept. These new pans were also a lot easier to put in as they are in separate pans rather than the eyeshadow pots meaning there was no need to depot them first, they have a magnet on the back so I could just pop them straight in. Im hoping this will make it easier if I want to have a move around or add an alternative neutral palette to my collection.

What's your favourite Mac eyeshadow shades? Any recommendations? 
Please see my previous blogpost to see which Mac Lipstick I brought along side these, and a surprise lipstick dupe. Thanks so much for reading. Speak soon, Karen x


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