Thursday, 26 February 2015

Fab eyeshadow palettes: Collection EyesUncovered.

Wow....what amazing eyeshadow palettes from Collection Cosmetics at only £2.99 each! These truely can't be beaten for drugstore eyeshadow palettes for the price. Collection cosmetics have launched three new neutral eyeshadow palette eyes uncovered named nude palette, nude bronze palette and nude grey palette. These normally retail at £3.99 each but at the moment at Boots they are on a saving and are just £2.99 each, but still at at normal price are a steal! Collection cosmetics are doing amazing at the minute they have some amazing products, with my unbeatable favourite concealor the lasting perfection concealor and the matching foundation which is pretty fabulous also for the money.

On first impression when you look at these palettes they do look rather similar but they do differ at a closer look as you will see in my swatches. The nude bronze palette has to be my favourite and what I have on today and surprisingly my husband commented asking what it was....shock horror, so it must be good! 

The nude palette out of all of them would be the one I would use the least as it contains more paler shades that don't show up on my extremely pale skin tone as much as others but still good as highlight shades. The nude bronze palette is beautiful containing gorgeous golden bronze shades that can all be mixed together to create a fabulous warm eye look. The nude grey palette has great pigmentation like the bronze palette with grey tones and also contains a black to deepen the look great for a night time look, this black is also great to be used as an eyeliner. So here are the swatches.....

Nude palette:

Nude Bronze palette: 

Nude Grey palette:

I think these are absolutely amazing products and that Collection cosmetics have done a fab job to create affordable luxury in these cute little palettes.

Have you tried out the new Collection Cosmetics Eyes Uncovered palettes yet, which is your favourite?
Please let me know in the comments below. Thanks so much for reading. Speak soon. Karen x

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