Friday, 27 February 2015

New Barry M Nail polish

I love it when any new beauty products come out but I do love a Barry M nail paint! They have introduced a whole new nail range called the Speedy quick dry of which I especially liked three shades, two of which are green/turquoise tones and a one a coral pink shade. They have also extended my favourite nail polish range the Gelly nail paints with two new shades and also added a Gelly plumping top coat.

From left to right I brought in the new Gelly collection Sky blue and Fondant, in the new Speedy quick dry I got Pole position, Road rage and In a heart beat. All really lovely bright colours that are true to the colour of the bottle once on the nail, I have so far had on my nails Sky blue with Pole position on the accent nail and I currently have In a heart beat on all my nails. With the a Speedy quick dry I have found it more patchy and streaky when applying and have had to do three coats to get the opaque look that I like, where as the a Gelly collection I only need two coats and it's done.

I am liking the new Gelly plumping top coat, it's quick drying and makes the nail colour appear smoother! I'm not sure if it makes it look 'plump' but it's definately a good too coat, it's thick so don't think it will last over long the way I use it but u would repurchase at the £2.99 price tag anyways. All the other new nail polishes in the Barry M range are £3.99 each but a the moment in Boots they are on offer when you buy any two nail and lips they are two for £7. I also brought the new Gelly high shine lip crayon in Orion, which is a lovely nude shade and smells rather yummy.

So loving Barry M's new ranges as normal, especially my new Barry M contour kit (see other blogpost) they never fail to disappoint and are one of my favourite drugstore brands for sure! 

Have you tried any of the new Barry M products, what are your thoughts? I would love to hear from you in the comments! If you love Beauty and makeup like me please follow my blog JinksyBeauty on Bloglovin. You can also find me via my Intsagram on the right hand side of my blog, or via the find me page at the top of my blog. Thanks so much.  Karen x


Thursday, 26 February 2015

My first Barry M palette: Starry eyed.

Barry M dazzle dusts used to be all that filled my Makeup drawers back in the day, I have loved Barry M for years! They have now evolved more widely known for their nail selection and contain my favourite nail polish in the Gelly collection. (Blogpost to come soon with my collection.)

Barry M released eyeshadow palettes a while back now but they have never really interested me until I saw a recent video that contained the Starry Eyed palette. This palette contain six eyeshadows and a very intense bright coral/peach shimmer blush. I mainly wanted the Starry eyed palette for the gold and berry eyeshadow shades, and I knew it had been out a little while and saw it was limited edition so panic brought it incase I couldn't get it soon! 

It contains three matte eyeshadow shades, three shimmer metallic eyeshadow shades and a sparkley golden peach blush! The palette also contain two double ended foam applicators but I won't be using these as I find it much easier with a brush or just my fingers! 

I love the deep purple packaging that the starry eyed palette has, it also also a magnetic pull close in it sleek design which I really like and a mirror covering the top part.

The shadows and blush are all a decent size and shape to be able to get my brush right into the shades themselves and the pigments are impressive, much better with a primer underneath as expected.

The blusher in the palette is the most pigmented of them all and when I first swatched it it did shock me how bright it was, so it needs to be used with a very light hand if your not into much colour on your cheeks. Also if you don't like shimmer and sparkle in your blush this definitely won't be for you, but lucky for me I love it.

I haven't tried any of the other Barry M palettes yet but the others don't look as exciting to me, have you tried any? Let me know your thoughts on them below.
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Fab eyeshadow palettes: Collection EyesUncovered.

Wow....what amazing eyeshadow palettes from Collection Cosmetics at only £2.99 each! These truely can't be beaten for drugstore eyeshadow palettes for the price. Collection cosmetics have launched three new neutral eyeshadow palette eyes uncovered named nude palette, nude bronze palette and nude grey palette. These normally retail at £3.99 each but at the moment at Boots they are on a saving and are just £2.99 each, but still at at normal price are a steal! Collection cosmetics are doing amazing at the minute they have some amazing products, with my unbeatable favourite concealor the lasting perfection concealor and the matching foundation which is pretty fabulous also for the money.

On first impression when you look at these palettes they do look rather similar but they do differ at a closer look as you will see in my swatches. The nude bronze palette has to be my favourite and what I have on today and surprisingly my husband commented asking what it was....shock horror, so it must be good! 

The nude palette out of all of them would be the one I would use the least as it contains more paler shades that don't show up on my extremely pale skin tone as much as others but still good as highlight shades. The nude bronze palette is beautiful containing gorgeous golden bronze shades that can all be mixed together to create a fabulous warm eye look. The nude grey palette has great pigmentation like the bronze palette with grey tones and also contains a black to deepen the look great for a night time look, this black is also great to be used as an eyeliner. So here are the swatches.....

Nude palette:

Nude Bronze palette: 

Nude Grey palette:

I think these are absolutely amazing products and that Collection cosmetics have done a fab job to create affordable luxury in these cute little palettes.

Have you tried out the new Collection Cosmetics Eyes Uncovered palettes yet, which is your favourite?
Please let me know in the comments below. Thanks so much for reading. Speak soon. Karen x

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Mac Eyeshadow Palette + new pan additions!

Exciting times to add some more Mac eyeshadow pans to my Mac Palette. I have been in to Copper and Bronze colours at the moment and was lucky enought to have three newbie shades added to my collection through an amazing gift.

There is so many amazing Mac eyeshadow shades and with my palette already having more colour to it than I would prefer I needed more neutral shades, so Woodwinked, Antiqued and Amber Lights have been an amazing addition to my palette. I used to have a massive Mac eyeshadow collection and stupidly did the Back to Mac with nearly full eyeshadows to get free lipsticks before I realised you could depot them and still do this. Big regret.

One of my favourite Youtubers is Kathleen Lights- and she mentioned that her favourite Mac shadow was Amber Lights so with my daughter being called Amber I was so happy to have this shade. So here are my three newbies swatched.

Going from Woodwinked to Antiqued through to Amber Lights, with the latter being my favourite :). 
They have now been added to my palette and I definitely wish I had gone for these shades more as they can be mixed togther more so and used more often than my original shades that I kept. These new pans were also a lot easier to put in as they are in separate pans rather than the eyeshadow pots meaning there was no need to depot them first, they have a magnet on the back so I could just pop them straight in. Im hoping this will make it easier if I want to have a move around or add an alternative neutral palette to my collection.

What's your favourite Mac eyeshadow shades? Any recommendations? 
Please see my previous blogpost to see which Mac Lipstick I brought along side these, and a surprise lipstick dupe. Thanks so much for reading. Speak soon, Karen x


Mac Cosmetics Brave lipstick swatch + Rimmel alternative!

I have a long wish list of Mac Lipsticks that I would like thanks to Kardashian Mania, but some are proving extremely hard to get hold of. So I was super happy to receive some Mac gifts being Brave lipstick and three more eyeshadow pans for my Mac palette (please see next blogpost if you would like to see my Mac palette and new shadows)

Mac Brave is a beautiful nude pink/mauve toned shade that is super easy to wear, I would love Mac lipliners Whirl or Soar to go with it but I can't get hold of them at the moment! One day....(dreaming!) 

Pictured here above Mac Brave is a Satin formula lipstick and is swatched on me on its own with no base or liner underneath. It's definitely my current favourite Mac lipstick i own at the moment, with Angel running in close second. I currently own Brave, Angel, Ruby Woo, Pretty Please, Candy Yum Yum, Chatterbox and Snob.

My Mac Lipstick wish list is as follows at the moment: Velvet Teddy, Honey Love, Twig, Faux, Myth, Captive and St Germain. Any others you recommend? 

What's your favourite Mac lipstick or liner shades, and what's your favourite formula? Please share your views in the comments below, I would love to hear from you. 

After thought: after I had finished this blog I suddenly had a thought that I already owned a very similar shade so swatched them next to each other and the similarity was so close I thought I would add it in. The Rimmel London Kate Moss lipstick in shade 08 is a pretty darn good cheaper alternative.

Swatched here is Rimmel 08 on left and Mac Brave on right, with the top picture without flash and underneath with flash. They are slightly differ in formula, with the Mac actually appearing more matte than the Rimmel but I was still impressed. 

The Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks are £5.99 (at the moment in Boots are also 2 for £10 for a limited time) where as Mac lipsticks are £15.50. If you wanted a slightly lighter shade in the Rimmel the 03 shade is a beautiful nude also, 03 is swatched at the top in picture below. So Rimmel is a great alternative to try out if you can't get your hands on Mac or prefer a cheaper brand.

Please let me know if you know any good dupes for any Mac shades also, would be great to share. Thanks so much for reading. Speak soon. Karen x

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