Monday, 26 January 2015

Tanya Burr - Love, Tanya Book!

I am the very proud owner of Tanya Burr's fabulous new book titled Love, Tanya. This has got to be the most beautiful book that I own, it would look amazing on anyone's dressing table, bedside cabinet or anywhere in view. 

Love, Tanya is made to perfection from the amazing photography, fab content and down to the additional glorious detailing of little hearts and stars scattered on covers in gold and throughout on the pages to separate the paragraphs. I love that it also contains a bookmark, this is fab for me as I don't own a separate one. 

So much work and effort of love is pouring out of this book! The layout is incredible and each chapter is separated with outstandingly beautiful pictures of Tanya. Each chapter has a different themed picture my favourite being the 'looking forwards'....

The book really has amazing layout, not only does Tanya tell you all about herself her background she includes what we all love beauty sections. From makeup, hair, nails and fashion up to some personal favourites of hers like baking and recipes. She even covers confidence and happiness which is such an amazing section to really help deal with them inner demons. Showing how she coped with anxiety, sharing to try and help others (us the readers.)

It's 303 pages of pure delight! I was so excited when Tanya Tweeted that some stores had released the book early. So went straight out to see if my store had, Waterstones was a winner with £4 off aswell (rrp £12.99) Amazing!! I won't spoil too much for you but here are some my favourite chapters pictures....

The official release date for Love, Tanya is Thursday 29th January with publisher being Penguin books. But if you can get it before grab it you won't be disappointed if your a beauty mad girl like me! It's a real feel good book and I'm so pleased I managed to get it. 

Please share in the comments if you managed to get or thinking of getting Tanya's book. What other beauty books do you recommend for me to get?

Thanks for reading. Speak soon. Karen x
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