Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Glo & Ray Balloon Pop eyeliner set!

So this fabulous limited edition set came to my house today and wow does it look incredible. I was so happy to receive this to try out, now I want more from Glo & Ray. 

Glo & Ray is an excellent and exciting addition to the UK cosmetics scene. They include products for the eyes, face, lips and more. Glo & Ray 'draw inspiration from light to create a stunning collection that seeks to illuminate individual beauty'

This new Balloon Pop Lasting Silky Eyeliner Limited Edition Set from Glo & Ray truely is a stunner and would please any beauty lover. This set costs £28 and available exclusively from www.glo.ray.co.uk

Presented in a pop art inspired box it's colours are outstandingly beautiful and pigmented. Each eyeliner has a waterproof formula and I can tell you now it doesn't budge - I tried. They are long lasting, smudge-free finish ideal for smokey eyes or dramatic pop of colour. 
It includes a pencil sharpener also to keep them in shape. 

Sitting in the top layer of the box is their fantastic Rose Candy shade sitting pride of place. Underneath in the next layer is the other five fantastic shades in variety of matte, metallic, shimmer and sparkling pearl finish. (Champagne gold is amazing wish could pick up on my phone- need a good camera. Champagne gold is second from the left in picture below)

The limited edition Rose Candy shade is perfect for 2015 with red and pink shades due to make a massive impact on the beauty scene this year. It's also a great playful look for Valentines Day!

Glo & Ray have so many other exciting products to check out in ther website, I love the look of their Mariposs Quartet Eyeshadow and Mousse Eyeshadows. They also have an amazing range in colours of their La Amo lipsticks. You can get flawless finishes with their pressed powder and setting powder (which I'm definelty on the look out for a new setting powder so would love to try that.) And they stock an amazing looking CC primer and CC colour correction foundation to get that amazing base for your makeup. 

Overall I'm so impressed by Glo & Ray and strongly recommend any beauty lover to peak at their website www.glo-ray.co.
Speak soon.  Karen x


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