Monday, 8 December 2014

New Blog

Hiya, my name is Karen. I'm Beauty mad and have decided upon making this site to share my world with you. I'm totally new to making a Blog so please be patient while I am trying to set it all up! I have an Instagram profile of Jinks_karen ( ) where I have been sharing my pictures of all my beauty loves and chatting with other beautyholics. Beauty is a massive passion of mine, its a way of making me try and feel better about myself. I dont have a lot of love for myself so I'm trying to change the way I'm thinking about things, so this was part of my way of starting that. Trying to make my confidence grow, let's see how that goes. I love all things makeup, beauty, fashion. I'm a mommy and wife, and i work at Boots. (Ace place to see all new things, but bad on the purse)
Since starting Instagram i have seen plenty of beauty profiles that show amazing beauty products, sometimes I will spot things i have never heard of and i think thats great that the beauty world can share and play together. After reading Zoellas recent blog about all the nasty things people can say i would just ask that any negativity please not be shared here as that is not going to help anyone and is not the type of thing that i wanted to create here.
So here it goes......more to come..... :) 
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